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Out now: A&C no94

 PUBLISHED: 11/05/2018, 20PP

PUBLISHED: 11/05/2018, 20PP

Issue No 94 Summer 2018

Features: Peter Newby visits two Catholic Churches where recent reorderings pay close attention to symbolic detail in pursuit of an immersive experience

Exhibition reviews: Mark Dean on the Chaiya Art Awards; Alison Milbank on ‘Crossings: Art and Christianity Now’; Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton on ‘Taryn Simon: An Occupation of Loss’ and Michael Howard on Alison Wilding at The Whitworth.

Film review: Ben Quash on Mary Magdalene

Book reviews: Jonathan A Anderson on ‘No Idols: The Missing Theology of Art’ by Thomas Crow; Karla Britton on ‘Rudolf Schwarz and the Monumental Order of Things’
eds Adam Caruso and Helen Thomas.

Interview: Anna Moszynska talks to the artist Rachel Howard

Conference report: Religion in Museums by Deborah Lewer

About the journal

Art and Christianity is our quarterly members’ journal which since 1994 has published features, exhibition and book reviews, news and comment from the field of art and religion.

Issues are published quarterly at the beginning of February (Spring), May (Summer), August (Autumn) and November (Winter). The copy deadline is a month in advance. Proposals for articles and reviews are welcome and will be considered by the editorial board.

The editorial board: Peter Doll, Graham Howes, Jonathan Koestlé-Cate, Inge Linder-Gaillard, Laura Moffatt, Charles Pickstone, Laura Purseglove, Chloë Reddaway, Frances Spalding, Kim Vrudny.

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