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Ecclesiart is an online project to raise awareness of significant works of modern and contemporary art since 1920 in UK churches and cathedrals. The selected works represent the diversity of high quality church commissions and reflect developments in artistic practice and ecclesiastical art and design.

We encourage increased responsibility towards works which may be under-appreciated or at risk and hope that this selection of works provides inspiring and challenging examples of art in churches useful to any parish or individual wishing to commission a new work.


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How to nominate a work of art


We welcome nominations of new works to be added to Ecclesiart. Please write to us or email us with a short text about why you think a work of art should be included with a short theological reflection on the work and its context (no longer than 150 words) and if possible please include images. Please note that we do not accept nominations from artists for their own work.

All permanent works shortlisted for the Award for Art in a Religious Context are added to Ecclesiart. For all other nominations, the Director and trustees of Art and Christianity reserve the right to select works which they determine as meeting the criteria of aptness to context, artistic and technical merit and appropriate theological meaning.


Banner image: Tracey Emin, For you, 2008. Photo: Barry Hale
Ecclesiart link image: Adam Kossowski, sgrafiitto murals of the Book of Revelation, 1964, St Benet's Chaplaincy, Mile End Road, London