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As well as Art and Christianity, our quarterly journal, we have published two books on the visual arts in churches and cathedrals as well as guidance on commissioning new art for churches.


Contemporary art in British churches

From hydroponically grown vines to traditional oil painting, contemporary artists are making a visible and profound impact on British churches today. This volume seeks to understand the impetus for such a resurgence and unpacks some of the practical, theological and aesthetic issues within it.
Edited by Laura Moffatt and Eileen Daly.
ISBN 978-0-9551485-1-4

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Commissioning New Art for Churches: a Guide for Parishes and Artists

A pdf to download with details guidance on commissioning new permanent works of art as well as temporary exhibitions.

Published in partnership with ChurchCare.


English Cathedrals and the Visual Arts 2005


This report surveys the varied initiatives made in recent years by England's Anglican Cathedrals in commissioning and exhibiting art. Published by ACE in November 2005 this analysis of answers to a questionnaire sent to each Dean and Chapter in England reveals every region's differing approaches. These give encouragement to artists and to churches to explore further the possibilities now open. Originally a report to the Arts Council of England, this book is essential reading for all concerned with the public art opportunities afforded by places of worship.
By Tom Devonshire Jones and Graham Howes. 
ISBN 0-9551485-0-2


Index A&C for issues nos 1-50

Fully cross-referenced index of the issues 1-50 of Art and Christianity.

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