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Award Soup of Souls


Pete Codling: Soup of Souls (The Hermitage Residency)


Pete Codling: Soup of Souls (The Hermitage Residency)

Pete’s work was a result of an artist’s residency funded by the Arts Council. The ‘Hermitage Residency’ was part of the Cathedral’s Annual theme outreach programme. The Cathedral wanted an artist to spend time in a secluded location of the Cathedral, reflecting and responding to the theme and then to represent that through their chosen medium. Pete spent several weeks in the Cathedral Dome at the top of the clock tower. The Dome affords a fantastic view of the Solent and the Isle of Wight, and it was the combination of those elements which resulted in the ‘Soup of Souls’.

The work comprises of eight panels, which are designed to cover the interior of the Dome and replicate its shape. The panels themselves reflect on lives lost in the Solent, starting with the loss of the Mary Rose in the 1500s right up to the present day. Pete undertook a lot of research and spoke to many different people in order to inform the content and style of each panel - the result is both profound and moving.  



Title: Soup of Souls (The Hermitage Residency)
Artist: Pete Codling
Date: 2019

Artwork Materials: Panels

Commissioned: Diocese of Portsmouth

Location: Portsmouth Cathedral