Award Reordering of Our Lady of Victories


Chris Eckersley and Gareth Neal: Re-ordering of sanctuary


Chris Eckersley and Gareth Neal: Reordering

The Sanctuary had several partial re-orderings since the 1970s and following a major refurbishment in 2010 it was apparent the reconfigured space lacked visual cohesion. Monsignor Curry wished to commission suitably qualified artist-designers to produce a new, unified scheme of furnishings. The approach was to be modern, yet simultaneously in keeping with the architectural character of the building (Adrian Gilbert Scott, 1957) and the new Reredos (artist Stephen Foster). On the recommendation of Tate Marketing Director and Parishioner Carmel Allen, Gareth Neal and Chris Eckersley were introduced to Monsignor Curry. Gareth and Chris were jointly awarded the commission to design the new furnishings, to include: Ambo Tabernacle Pedestal Ceremonial Candle Holders Principal Chairs Choir Benches Credence Tables Raise and update the 1970s altar.


Title: Reordering of Sanctuary
Artist: Chris Eckersley and Gareth Neal
Date: 2017

Artwork Materials: various

Location: RC Church of Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, London

Photographer: Petr Krejci