1. 'Oceanic Ray' Glass artwork installation by Ptolemy Mann. St Peter's Church 2018. Photgraph by Ruth Ward.jpg

Award Ptolemy Mann


Ptolemy Mann: Oceanic Ray


Ptolemy Mann: Oceanic Ray

This new, modern church was a collaboration between the architects Greenhill Jenner and Portal Architecture commissioned to replace the original church destroyed by fire in the 1970s. Early in the design process the artist Ptolemy Mann was invited to submit a proposal for a series of glazed link windows featured throughout the building totaling 200sqm of printed glass. The brief was to create an artwork reminiscent of fish scales to evoke St Peter as a fisherman. Several ideas were submitted resulting in a complex, colourful spectrum of faceted shapes echoing fish scales developed from a series of photographs taken by the artist for the project. Mann proposed the notion of the building shifting through temperatures from warm colour found at the front of the triangular site moving through to the cool oceanic colour’s found within the largest window at the rear. It was crucial that the glass created a strong sense of place and a dynamic identity but also that it was transparent enough to let light through into the functioning spaces throughout the building. Without trying to mimic traditional leaded stained glass the intention was to create an elegant yet modern re-interpretation bringing a sense of ethereal light and transcendence into the glazed spaces. The main worship space at the back of the building is flooded with gentle aquatic colour; uplifting and meditative. Mann worked closely in consultation with the client to ensure the artwork integrated harmoniously with each space and its respective use.


Title: Oceanic Ray
Artist: Ptolemy Mann
Date: 2018

Artwork Materials: glass

Commissioned: The PCC of St Peter’s Battersea

Location: St Peter’s Battersea

Photographer: Ruth Ward