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Award Julie Marsh


Julie Marsh: Jammat


Julie Marsh: Jammat

The aim of Marsh’s research project was to explore how artworks can perform the materiality of Muslim prayer spaces and to examine the role of artist fieldwork in engaging and connecting communities in Islamic sites of worship.

‘Jammat’ attempts to avoid fixed representation by performing the materiality of Muslim prayer sites through site-specific installations. Rather than making artwork for an art audience, ‘Jammat’ is made with and for the congregation, directly responding to the social, religious political and architectural discourses present in site. An automatic rig is constructed to film from above, at a constant speed from the entrance to the Mihrab in both prayer spaces. The same rig is then used as a playback device, to re-project the film back into the site, designed to obtain a 1:1 ratio between image and prayer carpet. The digital moving image hovers improbably above its ‘real’ counterpart, providing an opportunity to experience a performance of prayer in situ, allowing audiences to experience their own relation ship and reading of the work in context.


Title: Jammat
Artist: Julie Marsh
Date: 2018 - 19

Artwork Materials: Film installation

Commissioned: Jamme Masjid

Location: Brick Lane Mosque