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Graeme Mortimer Evelyn: The Eternal Engine


Graeme Mortimer Evelyn: The Eternal Engine

'The Eternal Engine' is a hand carved and painted wood relief altarpiece (reredos). It is the largest permanent contemporary altarpiece in Europe (5.25m x 3.24m). This work was commissioned by London Diocese to be specifically created for the first church built in the capital in over 50yrs. The commission also entailed that the yearlong Artist in Residence was also able to conduct many community consultations, discussions and artist mentoring sessions with the client that would inform the final work and reflect the very diverse community residing within Hale Village. Hale Village is located in Tottenham Hale in North West London (N17), just across the road from where the shooting of Mark Duggan provoked the riots of August 2011. This area has been developed with the first phase of 800 new homes in a mixture of private, social, shared ownership and student housing. The Engine Room serves Hale Village estate and the neighbouring estate of Ferry Lane. The wider area is among the 10% most deprived in England, with the highest indices of deprivation relating to income, housing, and services. It includes high numbers of elderly people living alone, single parent households, households with children but no adults in employment, and households that include a disabled person. The commission essentially was to create a reredos that not only reflected an exciting new diverse community but to also act as a landmark permanent focal point within the church space and its surrounding population.


Title: The Eternal Engine
Artist: Graeme Mortimer Evelyn
Date: 2017

Artwork Materials: wood and paint

Commissioned: The PCC of St Francis of the Engine Room

Location: St Francis of the Engine Room, Tottenham Hale