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Award Arabella Dorman


Arabella Dorman: Suspended


Arabella Dorman: Suspended

Following Arabella’s critically acclaimed installation ‘Flight’, ‘Suspended’ continues Arabella’s series of work that seeks to highlight the forced displacement of people across the world.

The installation comprises of clothes discarded by refugees, that have been salvaged from the beaches and camps of Less and Calais. In an installation that fragments from the centre, the empty clothes are an evocation of the wearer and an expression of the explosive breaking up go lives, families and cultures. The static nature of the suspended garments reflects the urgent state of limbo faced by those stranded between a past to which they cannot return and a future to which they cannot move forward to. The installation is lit by a central orb that changes in density. As it brightens it represents the light of hope by which a refugee travels, whilst asking us to consider the light within ourselves that will validate that hope. As it darkens, it serves to remind us that darkness in which we leave our fellow human beings, should we ignore their plight.


Title: Suspended
Artist: Arabella Dorman
Date: 2017

Artwork Materials: Installation

Commissioned: St James’s Church

Location: St James’s Church, Piccadilly