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What we do


What we do

Annual report and accounts

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Art and Christianity seeks to foster and explore the dialogue between art, Christianity and other religious faiths. Through events, publications and consultation, we offer

  • education, enquiry and exchange with regard to the relationship between art and faith

  • collaboration and partnership with galleries, art institutions and places of worship

  • advocacy for and advice on commissioning works of art

  • awareness-raising of the diversity of historical and contemporary art in churches

A brief history of Art and Christianity (formerly ACE)

In the late 1980s the late Tom Devonshire Jones (1934-2015), then vicar of St Mark's Regents Park, began making formal connections between the individuals who he knew shared his passion for and knowledge of art and Christianity.

In 1991, Art and Christianity Enquiry, as it had been named, hosted its first series of seminars entitled 'Art – theology – church' and gathered academics, clergy and artists from around the world to meet in London for its first international conference.

By January 1994 the charitable trust had been formed and ACE continued to hold events and lectures, as well as the biennial international conference. In 1995 ACE began publishing its quarterly newsletter then known as the ‘Bulletin’, now an internationally respected 20-page journal called Art and Christianity. In December 2017, the trustee board agreed to shorten the name of the organisation to Art and Christianity.


Banner image: Ceri Richards, Reredos painting and tabernacle for the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, 1966